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Orientation best practices of all partner countries (English)

How to Empathy - Brochure (Engish)

Empathy Infographic (English)

Empathy Flyer (English)

Wie geht Empathie - Broschüre (German)

Empathy Flyer (German)

 'Empathy Cum să empatizezi? - Brochure (Romanian)

Empathy Poster Babelia (Spanish)

Empathy  ¿Cómo empatizar? - Brochure (Spanish)

Ilyas Mokhlis

 Ilyas Mokhlis is the patron of the German partner Pro Arbeit.
"Even better than condemning racism is to nip it in the bud. We provide the cornerstones for this, each and everyone of us. So I am all the more pleased to be able to share my experiences and perspectives with those involved in the European project" EMPATHY " and to accompany it."

Photo: Daniel Lisbona

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