Here you will find all project materials in all partner languages + some in French. 
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Materials in other languages

Materials in German

Materials in Spanish

Materials in Romanian

Materials in Italian

Materials in French

English material + dissemination:

Orientation best practices of all partner countries (English)

Toolkit (English)

Co-Design Methodology (English)

Local Engagement Plan (English)

Engagement Strategies Delivery (English)

International Academy Evaluation 2022

How to Empathy - Brochure (English)

Agents of Change Brochure (English)

Pilot Actions Brochure (English)

Empathy Recap Brochure (English)

Empathy Infographic (English)

Empathy Flyer (English)

Empathy Poster (English)

Video: International day of human rights (English)

Dissemination and Communication Plan (English)

Visual Identity Guidelines (English)

Upscaling Plan (English)

All Empathy Interviews

2nd Promotional Video - Empathy against Barriers

3rd Promotional Video - Empathy goes Milano

4th Promotional Video - Human Rights