Here you will find all project materials in all partner languages + some in French. 
Have fun watching and reading!

Orientation best practices of all partner countries (English)

How to Empathy - Brochure (English)

Empathy Infographic (English)

Empathy Flyer (English)

Video: International day of human rights (English)

Wie geht Empathie - Broschüre (German)

Empathy Flyer (German)

Video: Internationaler Tag der Menschenrechte (German)

 'Empathy Cum să empatizezi? - Brochure (Romanian)

Empathy Poster Babelia (Spanish)

Empathy  ¿Cómo empatizar? - Brochure (Spanish)

Empathy  Comment  empathiser ? - Brochure (French)