Our Mission

EMPATHY will design, test, evaluate, validate and scale-up a new methodology of integration of newly arrived young migrants into local communities based on the direct involvement and engagement with groups of local youth. 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union


proposes an educational path fostering social inclusion, made of workshops, discussions, classes, capacity-building activities and trainings involving both migrants and local youth to tackle topicalities such as fake news and misinformation, gender-related issues, interculturality and globalization

The EMPATHY acronym 

 stands for “Empowering Migrants Promoting Inclusion via Capacity Building and Communities Engagement”, and it suggests the main activities foreseen by the project: the creation and delivery of capacity building programs for young people (local and newly arrived migrants) and several stakeholders working on intercultural dialogue, with the objective of lowering and even eradicating prejudices, intolerance and discrimination in the EU, and contributing to better inclusion in economy and society.