Project Partners

Our project is co-funden by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Five organizations in four European countries are collaborating and implementing the EMPATHY Project together. Stay tuned and find out more about the project partners below.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project School (PS) 

aims to increase the quality of initiatives and projects with a social impact by working on everyone's skills. PS will lead the design and implementation of WP4: Inclusion. In particular, it will use its methodology for supporting agents of change and local stakeholders in the design and implementation of engagement strategies which can bring a real added value and impact in the communities they are tested. Further to WP4, PS will support the partners in the design and delivery of all project activities.

FEM Fondazione Empatia Milano

gathers various expertise/members in the areas of social and cultural affairs (i.e. psychologists, social researchers, media experts, artists). FEM develops and undertakes innovative cultural activities that encourage dialogue and attention towards people with fragilities such as mental disease, immigration, etc. Within the EMPATHY project FEM will coordinate WP 3 on Integration, and will participate in and develop various project activities in the local context of Milano.

Brasov’s Migrant Integration Center

has become a model for other NGOs in Romania acting in the field of migrant integration through its tradition in teaching Romanian language to migrants, offering innovative cultural accommodation sessions, multicultural festivals, educational and recreational activities and information and counseling services.  

In this project we contribute with our experience in delivering orientation and integration services to people with migration background. The novelty of this project is that our Center will create an integration program for migrant youth designed together with young migrants and young Romanians altogether.


is a non-profit organization with an expertise in the field of immigration and interculturality. Its vision is to contribute to the enrichment of our multicultural society by promoting intercultural coexistence, social cohesion and equal opportunities. 

Babelia’s commitment to multiculturalism and social justice will be put at EMPATHY’s disposal by developing activities focused on capacity building in order to support the inclusion of newly arrived migrants in good quality education.

Pro Arbeit AöR

is a public institution and acting as a job centre in the County of Offenbach (Hesse, Germany) since 2005. Our legal mandate is to support people in social need. Our main tasks are to grant benefits to secure the livelihood of the beneficiaries and to accompany their integration into the labour market so that they can permanently support themselves from their own resources. As a project coordinator, Pro Arbeit will be mainly responsible for project management, will promote the project’s EU added value and will ensure the overall project’s progress and implementation.